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Hi Friends,

I could not believe it. I set my alarm clock for 5:00 am.

But I didn’t even hear it. My mind and body still needed rest.

But it was Sunday, and I was not late for a meeting, a flight, or a three to four-hour car ride to see my children and grandchildren.

The extra hour made the difference as I awoke alone at 6:00.

And on Sunday, why?

I wanted to see how two of the best football (soccer) teams would perform. One team would eventually feel the pressure, and one would find a way.

With coffee in hand, when I turned on the television, only fifteen minutes remained on the clock, and it was a scoreless tie. Then came thirty minutes of extra time. Still nothing. And then penalties.

With years of conditioning and training, the women of the United States and Sweden had chances to win for their countries.

I saw both teams’ routines as each player came to the ball for their kick. Unlike the video games my children played in their teens, there was no cheat code to win. And the difference in today’s game was literally one millimeter. Like many around the world, I saw an incredible match. Tears of happiness and tears of disappointment followed the respective teams.

And what I saw mirrored life and business. Conditioning, skills, and mental toughness.

We work to get the search, find the candidate, and work to present the candidate.

And, in the end, there’s one candidate that wins.

There are no shortcuts for the recruiting firm or staffing agency to ensure we are part of the victory celebration.

Winning the placement for your business takes technique. It also takes perseverance.

But there’s a cheat code that will help you with perseverance.

PRSTO is the cheat code. It’s not going to make the placement, but it will help you cast a bigger net and make repetitive emails, texts, and even voicemail drops, or remind your team to dial the phone.

Have you ever been an hour late when you find that candidate, and they say, “Thanks, but another firm is presenting me?”

Or the client saying, “Thanks, but I have two agencies working on my search. Maybe next time?”

Winning the candidate and client, and winning the placement, as the US Soccer team witnessed, can be just a millimeter away.

And as Stephen said last Thursday, “Mark, no, I don’t have to double my staff of fourteen to double my business with PRSTO.”

Join me Wednesday at 2:30 pm or Thursday at 10:00 am or 4:30 pm Eastern at a PRSTO demo. I will show you how PRSTO is your cheat code that will stack the odds in your favor. Click here for meeting details

Thanks for reading.

Dedicated to your success,


Mark Diamond

Founder, Executive Coaching Solutions and PRSTO

p.s. I help business owners in the recruiting and staffing business achieve their goals.

Accountability * Best Practices * Motivation * Possibilities * Problem Solving

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