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 was last Thursday evening, and like many across the country, I tuned in to watch the NFL draft.

The excitement, the fanfare, the anticipation, the drama – it’s all there on display.

I love the player’s reaction when their name is called. It’s great to see the enthusiasm for their new team.

I could only imagine, but it also must be a sense of relief.

The entire world sees their work.

Could you imagine that your college and high school coach graded you on every play?

Could you imagine having a scout reviewing all your college practices and games?

Then reviewing the game statistics.

And talking with the college coaches.

And then the pro day or the NFL combine where athletism is tested like the high jump, bench press reps, and your forty-yard dash?

The Wunderlich test – is the end-all, be-all of the cognitive testing tool for the NFL.

And finally, the interview process.

Do you ever wonder how much each team invests in the vetting process?

Predicting future success is in the details. 

Same in recruiting.

We have to be great, efficient sourcers, knowing each platform.

If we post jobs, they need to be compelling.

We have to ask the tough questions.

We have to deliver a work product that is more than a resume with our logo on the top.

Finally, we need to be able to bring a client and candidate either closer together or apart.

We have let everyone down if we do not have a process that brings that candidate and client closer to yes or no.

Our clients count on us to be their NFL scouting team. 

Short cuts lose in professional football.

Same in recruiting.

If you have a process that is working exceptionally well – stick to it.

If not, I can help. From sourcing techniques, designing the best questions, presenting to the client and candidate, coaching the candidate and client, and becoming a better listener. Reply and change the title of the email to “vetting.”

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