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Next week, I’m going to host a special live event called “Ask Mark Anything.”

You’ll be invited (keep an eye out for a post with the details).  

Anything on your mind now? Ask away asap.

If you reply to this email and ask a question right away, I’ll answer it at the beginning of the live event — before I take live questions from other participants . 

Now’s your opportunity to  get to the head of the line.   

No recording for you…unless you ask now or attend later. 

I usually do not record workshops but will record this one and I will share the recording only with those who reply to this email with a question or show up at the live event.  

Ask anything…

You may have noticed from other emails and my Linked In profile,  I know some things about the recruiting and staffing industry and scaling businesses.  

I welcome your questions about that.  If you’re wondering… 

  • how to transform your business from a grind to having fun 
  • how to go from hoping to close a deal to winning the placement 
  • or how to transform results from “oh crap” to oh ya!”

…ask me a question.

Whatever’s on your mind, bring it on.  

And, in case you missed this part of my bio: I have owned and operated two recruiting firms over a fifteen-year career. Prior to that I helped grow a wholesale distribution company from $30M to $1B and held roles including Vice Present-Sales, President, and CEO. 

It’s not my first rodeo… 

Ask me anything about the recruiting and staffing business and — maybe, just maybe — I’ll blow your mind (or, at least, share a few useful strategies, tactics, or other tips that will help you and your business). 

…And I mean anything.

Got nothing to ask about business? Ask this: 

…How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? 

…Classic Rock or Alternative?

…What’s the happiest time of the year?

…What is the purpose of chipmunks?  

…College or pro football? 

If you ask, I’ll answer. 

Thanks for reading,


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