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It’s Sunday morning, and I am channel surfing before my family wakes up.

I see HSN has a technology hour, so I jump in.

Yes, I am a bit of a nerd. After eighteen years of being in the wholesale technology business, I am still intrigued. 

And the host of the hour,  Adam Freeman, starts talking. 

And he explains everything about the newest tablet.

Thirty minutes! 

Features, features, perceived benefits over and over. 

Then the six payment installments with no interest.

No shipping.

Ok, I had enough. Time to make breakfast. 

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon and Dale would like to talk about his client slides and presentation.

Dale’s mission is to come away with three retained searches. All director and vice president level.

He estimates that winning this client could mean $250,000 of fees.

After about eight minutes and sixteen slides, I asked if I could ask a question.

I asked if Dale had ever watched HSN.

He says, “once in a while, and where are you heading with this?”

I said, ”You are selling features and perceived benefits. Will they like and trust you to understand what their hopes and expectations are?”

And he nodded.

I asked him, “What if we shrink the deck to six slides, tell a story and ask questions along the way?”

Dale said, “That way, we will have a discussion and build mutual trust.” BINGO!

We worked on updating the deck and verbal presentation for the remaining forty minutes. 

And two days later – BOOM – I get a text from Dale with a picture of an executed agreement for the searches. 

He did it!

You can also.

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