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After Brett and I made the exciting announcement of us both expecting twins together in the 1980s, everyone knew to steer clear after we visited the water fountain!

Our families intertwined immensely over time, so it was only fitting that on a beautiful Saturday night, I’d attend his daughter Miranda’s wedding.

The ceremony was exquisite – but then, once dinner had been served at the reception and dancing began, something about seeing all these new moves caused me to hesitate from joining in myself.

When Miranda’s new husband, Chris, caught wind of why I wouldn’t join him out there, he smiled and asked me if I would like a Sweetwater420.

In a few minutes, knowingly as if he understood my hesitation, he smiled and said that sometimes inhibitions could sometimes keep one from trying something different or embracing fun situations like this one head-on!

With my loving wife and a bustling dance floor, I achieved the seemingly impossible: an epic move that only someone in their twenties could successfully pull off.

Did the beer play a part? Maybe 😊

But even more so, it was about reflecting on how much progress I’ve made with my mindset work and helping others do the same.

We all get stuck sometimes – our client list becomes stale, and no one calls back when we reach out…been there and done that. It’s not pleasant by any means, but creating habits of working on my mental health every day has played an integral role in conquering those struggles.

I coined a phrase, “The 3 M’s,” which stands for MindsetMotion, and Mastering Skills. This simple yet powerful formula is key if you’re looking to make strides toward achieving success; click the links for further insights into these incredible components!

And as a reminder, you can still access the complimentary workshop focused on Coaching candidates and Clients during a search by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.

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