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It was last Wednesday morning, I was preparing for a weekly meeting with Steve.

As he joined the video, I could see that he was irritated. 

I asked Steve, “You don’t look so happy. What’s on your mind?”

He said,” I lost a search. Again.”

I asked Steve if he knew who his competition was.

He wrote down a few company names.

I asked, “AND… who else”?

Steve said, “what do you mean?”

I asked, “Could it be the client?”

“How’s that?” ,Steve replied.

So, I shared my experience. I have been there also. 

I recruited, engaged, and got four people excited about the opportunity. I received the resumes and presented all four. I felt like I had nailed this search. 

After a week without any response, I finally got a call, and my hopes were high to schedule interviews.

And then my heart sank, “Sorry, Mark. I have heard we filled it internally”.  

Yes, I have heard those words. 

I also have heard that we changed the role or put the search on hold.

So after hearing that for the third time in three months, my blood boiled. I felt outraged as my client did not live by their words. I felt embarrassed as I called my candidates. I lost my credibility. I lost my time, the associated cost, and other resources I invested in. 

To say that I was disappointed and frustrated was an understatement. 


Either I was going to quit or learn a better way. 

I did not quit. I couldn’t. If you read last week’s email, you know that’s not what winners do. 

And so, I studied and applied my prior successes in recruiting as well as salesperson and leadership roles in wholesale distribution.

After a week, I created a new system with an attitude of extreme confidence but not cockiness.

At first, I had a few weeks of failure. Then I had my first success! And  in a couple of weeks another, and then another one!

Consistency. Predictability. Confidence. In myself. In my system. 

And I completed sharing this story with Steve, he was eager to make changes.

If you are open to making changes, like Steve, join me for a Workshop on August 25th at 5:00pm Eastern by clicking here. I will reveal strategies to earn exclusives, engagement fees and full retainers.

Thank you for reading. Until next week,


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