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Hi Friends,

It was Tuesday after dinner, and it was a beautiful evening, so I decided to hop on the riding mower and take care of the big backyard.

I got geared up, and it felt incredible as I walked out of the house. The heavy humidity from the day was gone, the temperature was a comfortable eighty degrees, and the grass was lush green thanks to the morning dew and sun from the day.

I slid the choke to the top to start the engine and put the key in the ignition just as I have done for the past eleven years that I have owned my Cub Cadet.

When it started, the hood shook, a backfire, and then the noise.

I knew I had a problem but proceeded to the backyard anyway.

One of the reasons I like taking care of my property is it gives me time away from the noise and distractions. It’s me, the sun, my straw hat, sunglasses, and a podcast or tunes. Over the thirty years of this ritual, I have made quite a few decisions about my personal life and business and found answers to my client’s opportunities and challenges.

So, I look forward to the eighty minutes of cutting the grass.

As I could not hear anything but the mover, a song by Ray Charles came to me – Georgia.

Like Ray, there was no peace or an old sweet song today but just a carburetor that rang loudly through the pines and my ear headphones.

For the next eighty minutes, it was just loud and annoying. It was hard to hear myself think.

And then it came to me, what other noises or distractions get in the way of being productive?

The news: What’s enough? Ten minutes of reading in the morning and the evening and watching my wife’s favorite evening news with David Muir for thirty minutes. Unless something big is going on, that is it.

Facebook: Business only. Posting and commenting on my post or my clients’ content.

TikTok or Instagram: I am not on either.

And what about LinkedIn? Is there much more “noise” on Linked In today compared to three, five, or ten years ago?

I say definitely. Here’s my experience with Connection Acceptance.

My request, at its core, is the same as when I started my coaching practice.

And my results were in the upper twenties. Now they are in the upper teens.

For my clients and other business owners in the recruiting and staffing business, I ask the same about acceptance rates and InMail with opens or replies. They also have seen a similar trend.

So, do you accept, let us say, twenty-five to thirty-five percent who engage with you?

What happens to the other seventy-five percent? Should you let it go? Or do we meet people where they are?

The reality is that some people (clients or candidates) do not have a set time for Linked In.

The other reality is that in any niche, there are not an infinite number of candidates or clients.

How do you engage with candidates and clients when they are not responsive on Linked In?

There are eighteen ways to market.

The content must resonate and stand out from the competition.

And we need a cadence.

And automation when possible.

These are a few topics I will discuss in the Lead Generation Workshop. There are now more options for you to choose from to fit into your work week.

Andy replaced the carburetor on my mower in twenty minutes. In thirty minutes, I can provide you with the framework to implement this independently or work on it together.

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