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Just before I made the last turn of a three-hour road trip, I saw Zoo Health Club.

I shook my head in disappointment.

I looked at the car’s center console and saw the damage – an empty package of peanut M&Ms and a Coke.

I felt bloated and tired but mostly disappointed in myself.

It was not a good feeling.

I think to myself, why did I do that?

I know better than to eat poorly. I know what it takes to exercise to burn calories.

Was it a lack of discipline? Duh, yes.

Was it a lack of accountability? 100%, yup.

Was it my desire to indulge?

My mind said no, but my body said yes.

And as Tuesday morning rolled around, I met with one of my longest-standing clients, Sarah.

She asked about my weekend, and I told her my story of letting myself down.

And Sarah said, “That’s exactly what I want to talk about today.”

Laughingly I said, “My eating habits?”

Well, I got her to laugh, but it was more serious than that.

Sarah explained that since we talked last Tuesday, she had her first turndown and a fall-off in three years. In the same week!

To say that she was upset with herself was an understatement.  

I asked, “Did you follow your written process?”

And she replied, “Yes.” And then she screen-shared the document.

I saw language that did not resonate anymore. I saw outdated techniques and not enough new ones.

In a small font in the footer, I saw November 2019.

Given everything that has happened since then, it is a minor miracle that this was the first time she shared the news of turndown and fall-off.

She said she wanted to run a few changes by me after talking with her best friend, a CFO of a local company.

So, I listened and heard one good idea of five that she shared.

Sarah asked, “What else needs to go into the document?”.

We took the rest of the hour to work on the acceptance and post-placement processes.

Sarah was more confident in her updated process.

And I smiled at her and said “If I had asked my friend, the stockbroker, about my diet and exercise, would I have had similar success to your friend in helping you?”

She smiled, and we both laughed.

Talking to the right person matters, no matter what part of our lives, whether that’s diet and exercise, spirituality, education, parenting, healthcare, or specific business expertise.  

It matters whom we talk with.

Thanks for reading,

Until next week,


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