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A few weeks back, my son-in-law, Davis took me to Bass Pro Shops to gear up for a fly fishing adventure.We bought rods, reels, flies – the whole set up. And a week later, we were standing on the shore of Berkley Lake. My first time fly fishing.I had prepared by watching instructional videos on YouTube. And I listened and watched carefully as Davis showed me the how to cast.At first, he was hooking and landing largemouth bass at a consistent clip. One after another.At day’s end, the catch count was Davis: 8, Mark: ZERO. In fishing, they call that getting skunked.Same lake. Same gear. Different results.Catching fish is like catching great talent.You may fish in the same pond, use the same tools, and try the same tactics. But there are winners and there are losers.For a while that night, I thought, “Fishing’s not for me.”But I decided to persist. Hone my technique. Adjust my tactics.I swung by Bass Pro Shops again, the next morning and bought a different lure – the mac-daddy of flies. I concentrated on what I learned from yesterday’s skunking. I recalled what Daviss taught me. I adjusted my approach.A few minutes after tying mac-daddy on my line, BOOM! My first fish. An eight-inch bass. A few casts later, another. Then another.I’d gone from the shameful stench of being skunked to being an angler telling glorious fish stories.The difference one day to the next: Persistence, systems, and tools. I kept at it. I more effectively implemented the casting systems I’d studied. And I used a better tool – a better fly.So it goes in fly fishing.So it goes in recruiting.You may start fishing in the same pond as everyone else, get skunked, and then have to decide: Do you pack up your tackle box and go home. Or do you persist, master systems, get better tools, and land some lunkers?Check out this quick training video to learn about our system for landing more fish in your recruiting business.

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