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It was mid-February and I started making my list.

No, it’s not the naughty or nice list like a couple of months ago.

This one will take more time to plan and execute.

Drum roll…what?

I want the best damn yard in my neighborhood.  And it’s not going to happen by wishing and hoping.

Fortunately, I have lived in the same house for almost thirty years.

Step one, I went to my Ace Hardware and bought the Farmer’s Almanac. 

Step two, I took out last year’s plan.

Step three, this year’s adjustments. The thirty miniature boxwoods that I transplanted a couple of years ago have gotten a disease. They will need to go. So, I asked the boss, aka my wife, what she wants instead.  

Step four, I took out the calendar and plotted out each step. With looks of both excitement and trepidation at such an ambitious undertaking ahead, I marked up the calendar completing each task leading all the way up through delivery of three hundred bags of mulch, fertilizer, and other got-to-haves.  

When I first moved to my house, my success was hit and miss. 

Now, after thirty years here, I have the blueprint. 

The only change is giving my older body some extra time to do the work.

Building a great yard or building a great business takes a blueprint.

Whether you recently started your own business or you’re not getting to the next stage as fast as you want, join me next Thursday, February 23 for the How to Build a Profitable Recruiting and Staffing Business workshop.

Seating will be limited for this live event as I guarantee that l’lI stay until everyone’s questions are answered. Register now for an opportunity to help move your business forward.

Until next week,


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