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The week went by quickly and my wife and I were back at Hartsfield-Jackson airport. This was the time to send our daughter home. 

It was not long after we gave her a kiss and hug, that she disappeared into the sea of people at TSA. 

My wife and I did the reverse navigation back to the car, and we made it back to the I-85 North. 

Having done this a few times, I knew that I wanted to distract my wife with a conversation to avoid the pending tears from rolling down her face after seeing Allison leave. 

This time we were officially on the clock for the baby shower. 

I asked her what she thought we needed to get done in the next three weeks around the house and yard.

And as we made the thirty-mile drive back to Peachtree Corners, we created our list. 

And it was long. 

And a little daunting.   

My wife and I prioritized most to least important. 

Then we gave our best estimate for the time needed to complete each task.  

It was still a little daunting BUT we felt confident we could accomplish it because we had a plan. 

The same is true in the recruiting business. 

It was Tuesday morning, and it was time for Amelia’s weekly session. 

After exchanging the regular questions about last week and family, I could see the stress on her face. 

I asked her what she wanted to accomplish during our meeting. 

She said, “I need a detailed plan of how to deliver nine great candidates for three searches within the next week”.  

First, we accessed each search. We started with the type of search. Was it evaluation to perm, exclusive, money down, or retained? 

Then we talked about each of the jobs. Did the skills, compensation, geography, environment, company culture, the responsiveness of the hiring manager, and process make it a search that could be filled? 

Finally, we discussed what fee she should earn. 

As she was looking at the document we created, the stress started to dissipate. 

Two searches were worth investing in. 

Then she assigned the sourcing to two people, and the interviewing and working the process to another. 

The final search was not worth investigating as it stood. 

So we made a list of questions. She would call the client and share with them why that search was not fillable and ask about flexibility.

If you are going through a similar challenge like Amelia, I can help. Reply with “Need a Plan for my searches.” We will work out the details to meet.  

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