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It was Thursday afternoon when I met Mike for the first time. 
Living in Chicagoland, I was not surprised to hear that he was a passionate Cubs and Bulls fan.

He was also the grandfather of two-year-old twins. 

Very quickly we discovered that we had a couple of things in common: a passion for sports and twins in our families. I can’t believe it but my twins are now twenty-seven years old. 😊 

And then conversation progressed to business. 

Mike had had a successful career, with the last twelve years as a business owner with earnings approaching eight million dollars. 

Naturally, I asked about the current state of his business. 

I was not expecting what he shared with me. 

Mike said he did not expect to be in business within the next sixty days. 

So, I asked, “Why?” 

Mike shared that “my six best clients, all with active searches, have put the searches on hold indefinitely.”

I replied, “Mike, I am sorry. That truly sucks. What’s your plan?” 

He said, “Mark, unless you can give me signed agreements and open searches, I will be out of business in sixty days.” 

I asked if he had vetted any exceptional professionals, people who he could skill market. 

Mike said “yes.” 

So I asked, “Can you and your team make a new friend and earn interviews or land a new search?” 

He said “No.”  

I asked “No?” 

This time Mike emphatically said “No way. By the time we got the search or made the placement I would run out of cash and would not be able to pay my team. There is no way to get out of the situation short of you handing me clients with executed agreements and searches.” 

I truly felt for Mike. It’s not easy being a business owner. You put your money, heart, and soul into your business. 

I wish that I had met Mike a couple of weeks earlier.  
His mindset and checking account were not in a good place.  

Perhaps if we had time, a few tweaks to the way he did things and accountability would have avoided the situation.  

He may have gained value using PRSTO to create more time, increase his cadence, automate a few things, and talk with clients who had an interest in in learning how Mike and his team could help. 

Never give up.

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