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Hi Friends,

Sunday was a beautiful seventy-degree day in November that was worthy of time in the yard. 

After two hours on the mower, I finished cutting the grass, but with Bermuda being dormant, it was blowing the leaves off the grass and onto beds.

It was time for lunch, then a quick shower, and on to watching NFL Sunday Ticket.

But when I arrived in the den, there was my wife. And our grandchildren, Amelia and Bennett, were napping. Not to my surprise, there was no football on the television. Instead, “Lost”, the leading television series from the early 2000s, looked like it was in the first episode.

I enjoyed the show when it aired, so I was game for an episode, which turned into four.

Locke caught my attention. He was an interesting character, a middle-aged man with a high intensity. He was trying to go on a walkabout in the Australian bush country when the tour guide said, “You can’t do this.”

So, the tour company paid for his flight back to Sidney, where he was returning to the States, until the aircraft broke apart in mid-air.

While on the beach, on the lost island, he and a few others walked to the forest to look for fresh water. There, they were almost killed by wild boar. Locke said to the others, where there is boar, there is vegetation to eat, water to drink, and protein from the boars for us. Locke volunteered to lead a team to the forest and return with a harvested boar. Once again, he heard, “You can’t do this.”

But he did. He overcame a plane that tore apart in mid-air. He overcame his disability of being a paraplegic. Miraculously, the island gave him the use of his legs back.

But none of the other passengers knew Loke’s journey.

And clients and candidates who don’t know us don’t know our journey either. They think that “you can’t do this.”

They don’t know our skills, successes, and what we learn from our failures to help lead them to victory in talent acquisition. 

Clients and candidates have had unpleasant experiences with subpar recruiters. Lies. Ghosting. Throwing as much crap as possible against the wall to see what sticks.

And it’s all an opportunity to share how we add significant value.

So, if a client or candidate doubts us and says, “You can’t do this,” remember Locke and his fictional journey.

And don’t believe anyone when they say, “You can’t do this.” I say, yes, you can!

Mindset, Motion, Master the skill. It’s all in our power.

Thanks for reading.

Dedicated to your success,


Mark Diamond

Founder, Executive Coaching Solutions

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