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It was mid-May and I was feeling pretty good about two blogs that I drafted.

After exchanging pleasantries with my coach, Jerry, we proceeded as we usually do.

We discussed each one.

The inspiration.

How it relates to recruiting.

The connection to my coaching practice.

And a call to action.

Then I ate some humble pie. 

Jerry read the first one aloud. Then, he asked how it sounded.

My face turned red from embarrassment.

He asked what I thought about the transitions from section to section.

And we repeated the process for the second email.

I knew that I did not follow the process as I had for several other emails.

While he complimented me on improving my writing, I could see the disappointment in him and in my own eyes through our Zoom Meeting.

I said, let me rewrite these and then share them with you.

The critical phrase Jerry said was “have a plan.”

That hit home.

That’s what I do for my clients.

When Josh shared his deep concern about three of his team considering leaving his firm, we created a plan. 

He talked about what led to this and what he would like to happen, and then we mapped out the steps. 

First, I asked him to start meeting with his team one-to-one.

Second, we needed to evaluate which member of the leadership team does not carry his values. Either they will need coaching or a potential replacement. 

Third, I asked Jerry to talk with his top ten clients and schedule face-to-face meetings. 

Fourth, I suggested using the entire situation to improve the company’s culture, promote better habits, and develop client relationships.  

We met the following week, and I saw a calmness even before we started talking. 

I asked him if he had executed the plan and what he had learned. 

He said, “Of course. I learned that my team likes my business, respects me, and does not want to leave except for one Vice President”. 

And that set us up to talk about the Vice President.

I helped Josh create a plan and solve his challenge about his team. It’s one of my areas of expertise. 

If you are going through a similar challenge to Josh or would like to see your team work better together, I can help. Please join me on June 17 for the System to Freedom Workshop focused on Team by clicking the link below.

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