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Hi Friends,

Why is it that most winters feel like hibernation season?

We are not bears, but between the cold temperatures, short-day light, and hearty foods, getting motivated can be a struggle.

And the lack of motivation can show up in our personal and business lives.

I found a few ways to overcome this challenge.

Personally, my goal is to be in shape for the spring calendar swimsuit edition (haha).  Ok, the goal is to be in great shape to do the work that I enjoy in my garden and yard.

Working toward this goal has led me to intermittent fasting, calorie, and activity tracking.

I work on my mindset by updating affirmations and vision book.

Professionally, I invest time reviewing what investments I made in my business during the year. I’ll check my marketing content and delivery systems. I’ll look at things I have not done, whether marketing or delivery. And I’ll do research looking for tools or coaching to help me. (Yes, coaches engage coaches). I will not act without contemplating the best return on my time and financial investment. That time, for me, is usually after our family celebrations of the season. Then, it’s time to create my plan for next year and take the actions to help me achieve my goals.

Whether it’s winter or summer, contemplation can stagnate us. Working on refreshing our mindset, creating a plan, acting, and mastering new skills can break us out of this. And doing new things is not easy, so be gentle with yourself. The path to success starts by taking the first step.

Hibernation works for bears, not for successful people.

Thanks for reading, Mark

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