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Skippy is the best Dachshund. He’s short-haired, twelve pounds, and full of energy. His enthusiasm for exercise is unmatched by any other dog I know, and he’s always ready to keep up with me and my pace.

We set off on our walk and it didn’t take long before Skippy was in his element. He loves the freedom of being able to explore without being tied to a leash; so I let him lead the way with his harness in his mouth. Within minutes, he had found his rhythm and took us along at a surprisingly fast pace!

We reached the river park after ten minutes of walking and decided to turn around and head home. When I checked my phone’s step counter, I was astonished to see that we’d already travelled 1,423 steps in just twenty minutes! For Skippy who is only six inches tall, this must have been close to 5,000 steps – or even 10,000 when you account for two sets of legs – that he managed in such a short time! After making it back home safely, I knew I had witnessed an amazing feat of athleticism from one tiny pup.

I took Skippy’s lead off, and he walked to the water bowl. After five minutes of enjoying the cold water, I helped him to his favorite couch and watched him pass out. He was totally exhausted. 

As business owners, we run hard, like Skippy. And sometimes, we get exhausted. It can come in the form of many things like purple squirrel searches, employees, technology, or no-call, no-show candidates. 

To reduce the chances of exhaustion of a no call, no-show candidate Click here for my cheat sheet.

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