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The leaves are falling from the trees, and the choice of yard tools becomes the blower.

And as I blew the leaves into a pile, I stepped in it. Literally – deer droppings, aka deer poop.

And I have done it before. But as I get older, I don’t care as much.

The deer come closer to find food. That’s what they do. And they are closer and scavenge the neighborhood until spring, when their food supply regenerates in the meadow. 

It’s the cycle of life.

And so it is in business.

Some people think we are in or about to head into a recession. And sooner or later, it will happen.

And there are winners and losers in every economic cycle.

In the words of Blood, Sweat, and Tears, “What goes up must come down; spinning world goes round and round” Blood, Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel (Audio)

The question is, what impact will that have on our clients?

Do they play offense, meaning they work to take market share, retain their best employees, and use the opportunity to upgrade and get bench strength? AKA, do they prepare for the next spring?

Or, do they put their heads in the ground like an ostrich? (nothing against ostriches) 🙂  

And what do you do?

I have lived through a few recessions in the wholesale and recruiting businesses. Join me on November 15th for a Workshop, where I reveal three strategies to navigate any recession.

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