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It was Monday afternoon and Jason and I started our weekly session.

And before we got to business, we discussed the latest in college football.

Recruiting high schoolers. Players last in the portal. New ones picked up. Scholastics. Strength and conditioning. Scheduling. Finances. 

And Pandora’s box of name image and likeness. In other words, can you land the talent? 

And could you imagine having to again next year to keep them? Sounds crazy but that’s the reality.

Sounds a lot like business, especially the recruiting business. 

You worked hard. You got the search. You found three exceptional professionals. 

You prepped them for the first round and the second round of interviews.

And one will get an offer.  

We need to ensure that negotiation is done right. No turn down, no counteroffer, and not doing this again six months later. This is NOT college athletics.

While I have not mastered the recruitment process in college athletics, I have learned how to land talent in the business world. And I teach business owners in the recruiting and staffing business how to win the placement (AKA landing the talent). 

Click here to watch my workshop on Winning the placement to get some tools and strategies you can start using right away. 

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