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Hi Friends,

We paid for our entrance to Monte Sano State Park in the gift shop on a beautiful early autumn day.

And as we stepped out of the entrance to the park, I knew right away that this was a special place.

The first thing that caught my eye was the high mountain view. The mountains of northern Alabama and Tennessee seem to go on forever.

Then I saw the main house and several cottages. Suddenly, I was transported to the late 1800’s.

I saw the blacksmith demonstrating his craft. And the farmer cared for the horses, chickens, and goats.

But something struck me. A schoolhouse. And I read the sign, so I went in and learned more.

I learned that Julius Rosenwald, a man who made a fortune selling clothing to Sears Roebuck, invested his fortune and partnered with Booker T. Washington. Together, they built over fifty-three hundred schoolhouses throughout the rural South in order to give children the opportunity to learn.

And as I stood in the reconstructed schoolhouse, I was in awe.

I stepped back outside, and I heard the music. It was Aunt Bev and her friend playing the hammered dulcimer. After the song, she told everyone gathered that the piano replaced the hammered dulcimer during Reconstruction.

Things don’t stay the same. Some bold ideas and inventions brought us to today.

And so that brings me to a new idea for helping more business owners improve their client and candidate acquisition, fill searches, and keep them filled.

And I started rolling out this new program last week. I had great feedback on the program and offer when talking with my clients. I am looking for a few people I have not had the pleasure of working with to provide thoughts and feedback.

Please reply if you are open to a twenty-minute Zoom. I will share the details and value. If it’s something for you, great. However, my mission is genuine thoughts on the program and its value. And as a thank you, I will offer you a thirty-minute complimentary coaching session. No strings attached.

Thanks for reading.

Dedicated to your success,


Mark Diamond

Founder, Executive Coaching Solutions and PRSTO

p.s. I help business owners in the recruiting and staffing business achieve their goals.

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