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It was a few months ago and I was done recuperating from kidney stone surgery and the fun of a root canal gone bad.

I was excited yet concerned about my first ride in six weeks as I stretched out.

The instructor, Hannah says “It’s the two-minute mark of a five-minute warm-up”, and she says, “set your purpose.”

And so, I did: Go as hard as you can today but be gentle on yourself. And don’t look at your personal best.

The work begins and within three minutes, sweat is pouring down my face.

Within another five, I can feel the sweat reach my legs.

At ten minutes I feel like I have hit the wall and I doubt I can finish.

I say to myself, “get out of your mind.” Listen to Hannah, move your feet, and breathe.

And so I did. I made it through.

Being the nutty KPI guy that I am, I had to look.

But I did it, and I knew that I could be at my best again because I did the hard thing – I started. Today I won.

And so goes it in business.

Motion is one of the Three M’s (mindset, motion, master the skill).

Without having a fairy godmother to sprinkle the fairy dust, and magically make our businesses better, we have to do the work. Working smart is great. When we are working smart, we still need repetitions.

Like getting back on the bike, the first day after a disappointment like a turn-down or no-call-no-show, or losing an employee or client is hard. But that is what winners do.

If you find that you are challenged with getting back on the ‘work bike’, please reply back to schedule a call. I can help you by encouraging a little more activity today than yesterday, to get you and your team into motion.

And if you’re a peloton rider, connect with me. My handle is Roadto19RTR. See you on the bike. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Until next week,


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