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It was May, and it was Allison’s last visit home before she would deliver her baby. 

Tonight, I would give the barbecue grill a break. We arrived at Dagwood’s in Peachtree Corners in a few minutes’ drive. And everyone’s excited as their pizzas rock! 

As we eat, the conversation turns quickly to what baby Amelia will look like.

And she will be here soon. Most likely in two months.

As we have fun talking about Allison and Davis and what Amelia may look like, I look at my daughter. 

In my mind’s eye, I can see her as an infant, a toddler, and an elementary school-aged child. She looked like Shay, my wife. 

Then I can see her as a young adult college student, and she had changed. She looked more like me. 

Now I see her as an expecting mother,  with her own look. It’s a little like me, my wife, and her grandparents.

Allison asks me, “Can you see that you look more like Papa Jerry in the last couple of years?”

And before I could answer,  my wife said, “When you walked into the kitchen last week, I did a double-take thinking it was your father.” 

As I look in the mirror, there’s no doubt that I look more like my dad as I get older. It makes me happy but also sad because we all miss him dearly;y, even after almost twenty years. 

Change is inevitable in life. And also in business.

Whether internally intentionally driven or externally pushed on us by the environment. 

How we navigate through change is critical.

Sometimes it’s time to do something different when the same process is not producing the same results. 

And that’s what I help my clients with. Strategy. Tactics. Accountability. Possibility. 

If you are contemplating making changes to your business to improve your results or want to scale, AND want an outside perspective without pie-in-the-sky BS, click here for a meet and greet.

Until next week, thanks for reading. 


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