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It was Thursday at eight o’clock.

I wrapped up another HIIT and Hills ride on my bike.

As I cool down and drink water I look at my calendar to see what’s on today’s agenda. 

I will be meeting with Stacey at nine-thirty.

Next, I take a look at the shared drive and see that Stacey wants to discuss the pipeline of searches. 

I finish the water and move on with getting ready for the day.

Before I know it, nine-thirty rolls around.

And, with a smile Stacey says: “Let’s discuss my pipeline”

She walks me through the three new searches plus the other eight.

And I listen and take notes.

And when she has completed her review for me, I start asking questions: Do you have the bandwidth to not just work on all of these but deliver great talent? What’s the plan to prioritize these? Do we have enough information to execute?

She looked a little puzzled at my questions.

In a few minutes, I created a grading system based on the criteria for her business.

Then, we added scores for each of the components until we  had a total score for each.

Not surprisingly, the three searches that scored the least had the same problems: 

  1. We were one of six firms
  2. The searches had been open for three or more months
  3. The compensation was ten percent below market and there was not any wiggle room.

She asks, “What should I do?”

I said, “Call each client and ask them if they are open to doing something different.”

Stacey says, “Different like what?”

If the clients are open to making changes where we could fill the job, we can work on it


We invest our resources where we are not speed dating, meaning where there is commitment in the form of retained and exclusive searches.

And for the rest of the session we talked about how to execute that conversation.

If this is something you would like to work on in your business, download the free cheat sheet here  

Thanks for reading.

Until next week,


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