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I watched in amazement as the Maryland Terrapins moved the ball with such speed and precision. 

The players shared the ball willingly as they scored again.

When the game clock reached 0:00, the Terps won the men’s lacrosse championship with an undefeated season.

As I continued to watch, coach John Tillman was interviewed.  

He told their success story.  Always about the team, playing hard, improving skills, and never about an undefeated season. Always win the game you are in.

A perfect season in any sport is remarkable.

And so, it goes in business.

Steve was describing a new client opportunity during our weekly session. 

He was very determined to have the right slides and verbiage for the client presentation.

He said, “I want this to be perfect.”

I thought about Coach Tillman and said “This does not have to be perfect for you to win. Could you tell a story and have fun doing it?”

He nodded and smiled.

Then we worked the strategy of the presentation. 

A few slides and lots of talk.

A little secret sauce.  

A couple of testimonials.

Fast forward to next week’s meeting. 

A big smile! 

Steve shows me the agreement for four very senior level searches. All on full retainer! 

Are you looking to add new client relationships that are impactful? If so, I can help.  Please reply and add “Meet and Greet” to the subject line. We will work out the meeting details. 

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