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It was Thursday at 2:30 pm, and I was back in the dentist’s chair in excruciating pain.

I’d suffered through the pain for a couple of weeks – hoping it would ease, hoping things would get better.

Dr. Smith looked at me and said “We have done everything possible, but now it’s time to pull the tooth.”

Fifteen minutes later, no more pain.

Sometimes pulling the tooth is the only way to relieve the pain and fix what’s ailing you.

So it goes in the dentist’s office.

So it goes in your business office.

My client Bruce was in excruciating pain.

He was on retainer for a business that was conducting three searches.

Bruce presented candidates for all three searches.

Local candidates, great accomplishments, desired salaries at market rates.

The problem: The client didn’t want to pay the market rate.

Ugh! Such a pain!

This went on for four weeks. Bruce tried to talk his client into offering higher salaries. Bruce hoped the pain would ease.

But the client didn’t budge.

So Bruce and I discussed his options.

Option 1: Continue working with the client and hope the pain would ease.

Option 2: Pull the tooth.

We agreed to try for one more week. Then bye-bye tooth.

The client didn’t budge. Bruce pulled the tooth.

Now, Bruce is free from that pain and able to focus on better clients.

If you find that you have a business challenge that’s become a throbbing pain, I can help you decide how to ease the ache. I prescribe pain-relieving treatments. Sometimes, I advise you to pull the tooth.

Join me for a thirty-minute workshop on May 25 at 4:00 pm Eastern. I’ll reveal strategies and tactics to ease your business pain and determine if and when it’s time to pull the tooth.

If you’d like to attend, please reply to this email and add “Workshop May 25” to the body.

I will follow up with login details.
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