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It’s Monday afternoon, and I have completed my coaching sessions.

The next activity on my calendar is twenty calls to new Linked In connections.

And then I look at the phone.

And an inter-battle between the worker and CEO starts.

It’s not like, back in the day, making 100 calls in a day to fill a search.

But I have an inter-battle going on between the worker and CEO in me. 

The worker in me has excuses. The thought of meandering through phone directories. And the thought that I would leave voice mails and not talk to anyone. I even get up to refill my water glass which is three-fourths full. 

The CEO in me knows that the phone is my friend. And I can make a new friend. And for the most part, when I get a live person, they are appreciative of a call. 

The worker in me now has me standing over the Keurig, watching the coffee brew. 

And the CEO in me is not happy and losing patience with the worker in me.

I am stuck like it’s my first day in my career. 

And I take a deep breath, close my eyes and remember that mindset matters. If you want to overcome telephone dread – and generally thrive in your business – you must have the right mindset.

And after a tug of war with myself, I get my mind right and make the first call. And the next until I have completed my mission of scheduling two meet and greet calls. Soon I will have two new friends.

That’s why mindset is one of the three M’s – Mindset, Motion, and Mastering the skill. I help my clients with all three. 

If we have not talked yet and you want to see how this works, reply to this email and change the subject to meet and greet. We will work out the meeting time details.

Until next week, thanks for reading,


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