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It was last Sunday’s afternoon, and the yard looked great from yesterday’s work.  

I wanted to start playing golf again after a twenty-six-year hiatus, the same time my wife and I had twins, and I knew that my playing days were over for a while. My inspiration was to have something fun that my son and son-in-law could do together. 

So, I went into the garage, and the weedwhacker looked jealous as I walked past it. I picked up the pitching wedge, ten balls, and a towel. 

I dropped the towel down on one side of the lawn and walked about sixty yards in the opposite direction. 

I thought, “This should be fun and easy.”

Ball one – left; Ball two – right; Ball three – airmailed into my neighbor’s yard.

Ball four – worm burner for about thirty yards; Ball five – whiffed.

I knew what my problem was, sort of. I once was a twenty handicap.

I fixed my posture, adjusted my grip, changed how I addressed the ball and took a deep breath.

Ball six – nice but ten yards too far;  Ball seven – nice but ten yards too short.

Another deep breath, and ball eight bounces on the towel! HURRAY!

And I think, “You got this, man.”

Ball nine – pulled it left; Ball ten – utter frustration – a ten-yard pop-up.

And I think again, “Man, you need a coach.”

The lesson for today was more repetitions of bad is bad

As I walked back into the garage, I could hear the weedwhacker laughing as I put my golf gear away for now.

The next day was Monday, and Justin had a meet and greet. 

After asking him what got him interested in the recruiting business and what he does for fun, I asked him to describe his business and his dreams and aspirations. 

And he asked me about myself, what I do for fun, and my focus areas in coaching. 

And as we talked, a new friendship was forming.  

I asked him, “What’s in the way of achieving your goals?” 

He said, “I am presenting five people for a search, and only one is getting interviewed.” 

I shared my golf practice fiasco from Sunday. 

Then I asked if it paralleled the presentation to the interview scenario.  

He chucked, saying, “I think you have a point.”

He needed a proven system, so I gave him an overview of the System to Freedom.   

Whether it’s golf or business, having a great system will help us achieve our goals. 

If your system is not hitting the target consistently, reply back with the process in your business that could use the most help. 

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