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It was Saturday, May 7, and it was a beautiful spring day. Mid-seventies, low humidity, a couple of clouds. In HOT-lanta, this weather is short-lived

I was hoping for a day like this to plant vegetables. Over the years of planting I  into a rhythm and  making improvements along the way

I tilled, raked, and planted my seedlings. 

Added fertilizer.

This year’s improvement was Preen – weed prevention between the plants

Lots of mulch.   

I set the hose nozzle to shower and stood there, proud of my work while the plants got soaked.

The process took approximately two hours. 

I set the sprinkler system for 6:30 am and called it a day.

It’s Sunday morning, and I pour my first cup of coffee and look at the garden. 

No changes. Not even a baby spout. Nature takes time. Being patient is not easy. 

As in the garden, the same is true in the recruiting business.

Winning the placement is a process and takes time.

At my first meeting on Monday, my client, Jim, asked me how I stayed patient while candidates were interviewed by clients when I operated my recruiting businesses

“What do you mean?” I asked.
Jim says, “The candidates are interviewing, but I feel out of the loop.”

What’s the next step after scheduling interviews? I said it should be like this. 

And he looked at me surprised. 

I asked him, “Is it the best resume or best interview that gets the offer?”

With a smile, Jim nodded his head. He then asked, “Can you show me how?”

I shared several documents as we discussed the seven-step interview preparation process.

If you find that the candidates you are presenting are not performing at their highest level during an interview, come to the workshop on July 24 at 1:00 pm Eastern. I will reveal my seven-step interviewing preparation process. Please click below to register. 


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