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It’s Tuesday at noon and I am on the video with Rachel for our weekly meeting.

We started talking about last week.

She says, “We made one placement, had one turn down, and another who is on the job for four weeks wants to resign”.

It sounds familiar as she had a similar experience a few weeks ago.

She is happy but frustrated and exhausted.

Her recruiters are working hard. They are interviewing ten, presenting five, and getting two interviews. BUT there are ten searches on everyone’s desk. And they can’t get to them fast enough.

Speed matters when you do not know how many firms that you are competing against or when your client posts the job.

I ask if she wants to get off the merry go-round.

Rachel says, “I am nervous and scared to do that”.

I do understand. I have been there.

I know that I can help her make the transition. I am not expecting every role tomorrow to be a retainer. As my friends in Latin America say – paso a paso or step by step. Taking the first step is the hardest.

As a coach, I know that mindset is the key to unlock possibilities. The strategy and tactics will get implemented, that’s not the hard part. It’s the mindset, the will to do something different. 

I ask Rachel if she is open to an idea, and she nods.

I share with her that retainer searches are a privilege. 

The pressure is not having that opportunity. The pressure is having to produce fifteen candidates for three searches, and not having enough to do your job properly and then filling one. That’s pressure. That’s the merry go-round”.

And as we concluded our session after further conversation, she said, “let’s work on taking new searches on a retainer”.

Taking risks is not easy in life and in business.

Pressure versus privilege. First, it’s about mindset.

Then, it’s about learning how to do something new and do it well.

If you are on a merry go-round and are open to doing something different, let’s talk.

Thank you for reading.

Until next week,


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