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Hi Friends,

Last Friday, my wife and I toured an assisted living community for her father. The place seemed great – beautiful facilities, happy residents, and friendly staff.  However, our excitement was tempered when Sarah, an RN who worked there, shared her inside perspective during Sunday brunch. She revealed that while the place excelled in social activities and amenities, it lacked proper nursing care. She said getting the patients the care they needed was nearly impossible due to the resistance from the executive director and family who owned the facility. 

This experience reminded me of the saying ‘trust but verify.’ It’s a lesson in the importance of digging deeper to ensure our decisions are well-founded. This principle applies not only to choosing care facilities but also to interviewing candidates. 

Verifying with a candidate is about asking detailed questions and seeking granular insights to help us understand why they left prior roles, their responsibilities, and how they performed.  We will gain great insight into how our candidate will perform during an interview if they are presented to our client. Of course, references can be a good way of verifying, but how many people provide references that do not speak highly of the candidate? And if something doesn’t feel right to you, chances are that something just does not add up. Mind, heart, and data.

Thanks for reading.

Dedicated to your success,

Mark Diamond

Founder, Executive Coaching 

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