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Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a detective and solve a mystery? 

With Movie Night at my house, that’s exactly what I got when we decided on “The Glass Onion.” 

This was an intense whodunit murder-mystery with plenty of suspense. 

Each scan around the scenes had me picking up small clues visually or through dialogue – though some questions were left unanswered even after several viewings!

It definitely took multiple times watching it for all the answers to come together like pieces of a puzzle. If you’re looking for your next mystery challenge, this one is sure to leave your head spinning but satisfied in finding out who dunnit!

The movie reminded me of the obvious and subtle clues we need to pay close attention to in the recruiting and staffing business. 

Here’s a few:

The inability of a candidate to look you square in the eye.
The nervous cough before answering.
Their answers have gaps.
The process is disjointed.
Their inability to make firm commitments.

All of these mean that this professional is not the best person to move forward with in the search.

If you would like more details, please click here to watch the replay of the workshop, How to Build a Profitable Recruiting and Staffing Business, where these concepts are part of Winning the Placement. 

Thanks for reading.

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