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The trees are naked. I am missing spring. I can remember preparing the vegetable garden.

It was a beautiful day – mid-sixties, sight breeze, and an occasional cloud.

By the end of the day, the seeds were in the ground and watered.

I waited seventy-five days for mother nature and some extra watering to do its magic.

A bloom – there it was. A beautiful crop of bell peppers. 

And I waited to wait some more until the bell peppers grew and took on their final color.

When two weeks passed, I woke up anticipating the first harvest!

I did not eat breakfast but instead grabbed scissors and a bowl and went to the garden.

Oh, Sh*t. Where are my bell peppers?

Ever feel like that?

It can happen in business also.

A candidate accepted an offer and then a week later called, or worse, texted or emailed…

I am sorry, Mark, I have taken a counter-offer from my employer. Best of success in filling your search. BYE. 

It felt like someone sucker-punched me, and I was out of breath. 

Did the candidate take the bell pepper? Did I do everything I could to safeguard the bell pepper and complete the placement?

If you’ve ever experienced that, first, I understand. It happened to me twice. Then I developed a better way. I

f you are ready to do it differently, click here to register for the Workshop – Counter Offers and Fall-offs. You will come away with at least one way to safeguard your placement (and vegetable garden).  

Thanks for reading.

Until next week,


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