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After watching several men’s college basketball championship games on Sunday, I relinquished my rights to the clicker, leaving me with no other option than to watch the Oscars. 

As the show began, there were a few comedic bits, which led the way to a few awards being presented, followed by typical acceptance speeches.

Jaime Lee Curtis caught my attention when she stepped up to accept the award for Best Supporting Actress and declared “WE WON” instead of a list of people to say “thank you.” 

It was clear that such an acknowledgment of excellence meant more to her than anyone and signified teamwork’s importance in creating something greater.

This phrase subtly states how a single individual could not achieve such success alone–it requires an incredible team effort and teamwork to win such remarkable awards. This message cut right through the façade of the Hollywood awards and reiterated my understanding that great accomplishments require group effort.

Winning always feels great, whether winning a championship in sports, accomplishing a meaningful life cycle event, or driving successful placements. 

When I sat at my desk this morning, “we won” still resonated. It reminded me of how much hard work goes into achieving success and that there is truly no ‘I’ in TEAM. 

Everyone must contribute, from clients to candidates to recruiters, for the placement process to be completed successfully. 

If you are keen on gaining insights on how best to help your team win through coaching, join me on Thursday, March 23, for a workshop where I will share tips and strategies dedicated to Coaching clients and candidates during this market climate. 

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