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Hi Friends,

This past weekend was full of celebration. This celebration was a party a year in the making.

My granddaughter, Amelia, made her first appearance to us a year ago.

For children’s birthday parties, this was going to be big. Allision and Davis invited fifty family and friends to join them at their house. And with four generations of family present, we knew that days like this do not happen often.

And, if you have planned a party, you know what’s involved: Invitations, ordering the food, preparing the house, and, in our case, getting the yard looking fantastic. 

We were fortunate that the oppressive heat in Alabama took a break for the weekend. With the yard looking great, we enjoyed barbeque, played cornhole, and visited each other for hours while the youngest played bubbles and took turns riding Cinderella’s toy carriage.

And Amelia showed up big! She was full of smiles, words, and a step or two to show everyone what she could do. Unfortunately, she was unprepared for a loud “Happy Birthday” song. It startled her and scared her a little. She quickly moved on from that, as she loved her smash cake.

And as I started my business day on Monday, I received an email with great news from a client. His candidate earned the offer for a CFO opportunity.

I can not wait to see what other great things I will have the opportunity to be part of.

Fortunately, we get lots of opportunities. Some are big, like our child starting their next grade at school or helping them move into their dorm for the first time at college, their first day at a trade school, earning their first “real” job. And some are small, like fixing the drivers on my computer microphone.

If you start your day with affirmations, please look at them. Do you have a phrase like, “I can’t wait to see what great things will happen today?”

When we put ourselves in a good mindset, the motion (the work) becomes more fun, engaging, and meaningful. And it helps us master our skills and learn new ones.

The three M’s (mindset, motion, and mastering the skill) are the cornerstones to personal and professional success. Those are the first videos in my recruiting and staffing system, The Five Steps to Success.

I hope that your week is full of great things to celebrate!

Thanks for reading.

Dedicated to your success,


Mark Diamond

Founder, Executive Coaching Solutions and PRSTO

p.s. I help business owners in the recruiting and staffing business achieve their goals. 

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