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During one of our weekly coaching sessions this month, my client Sandy wondered why one of her recruiters named Jim was struggling.Jim seemed very busy but wasn’t getting anywhere. He was stuck on the hamster wheel with no way off.The story reminded me of something I went through in 1994. As Yogi Berra once said, it was deja vu all over again.Back then, I was Vice President – Sales. I onboarded twenty-four salespeople over three months. Some excelled. Some struggled like Jim.All received the same training and resources. So why were some stuck on the hamster wheel?At first, I blamed the new salespeople.“There’s something wrong with them. Why can’t they get with the program?” I wondered.But then I looked inward and thought, “Maybe it’s me. Maybe I need to be a better manager and leader. Maybe it’s my responsibility to help my reps reach their potential.”I read The One Minute Manager and other management books.I adopted a saying: “Help me, help you, help us.” That became my mindset and mantra that I still use today.Fast forward back to this month. I asked Sandy, “How are you helping Jim to help you help each other?”She was a deer in the headlights.Sandy and I spent the rest of the session discussing how she could be a better coach for Jim and the rest of the team.We worked on questions she could ask to guide Jim forward. We discussed how she could guide her team in ways that fit her style and built the culture she wanted for her business.When you have an employee who is struggling, ask, “Why?” Begin by looking inward. Consider what you can do to be a better manager.I can help you do that.If you want a few ideas about how to be a great coach for your team, please reply and write “coaching ideas” in the body of your email. I will follow up on the details of a workshop that I will be hosting on May 5.Whether you have a team or are a soloist considering expansion, this workshop will help you become a better manager and coach so your team and business can thrive.

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