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After thirty minutes of taking care of a few things that I did not complete for the work week, a lightning flash came from the corner of my eye.

My plans for working in the yard were put on hold by the liquid sunshine.

As I turned my head, the Peloton bike came into view.

Ok, no yard today, but I got geared up. 

Time to release my inner beast. Today will be HIIT – high interval intensity training. The goal: three hundred calories burned in thirty minutes. Drippy sweaty. 110% effort. BEAST MODE.

As warm-up came to a close, the instructor, Kendall, said, “This will not be easy. You can do it. You cannot stop – You have not earned the right”. 

Wow, that sounded familiar. “You have not earned the right.” 

I power through the workout and get showered, but the words have not left me.

As I down another glass of water, the lightbulb goes off.

It was two Wednesdays ago, and Jason had brought two new recruiters to his team, now a team of ten. They had different tenures, and no one was constantly hitting their goals.

Jason asked, “Mark, I have a hard time getting my team focused and hitting minimum daily and weekly expectations. How can we fix this?”

We discussed a plan that included mindset, motion, and mastering the skill.

I asked him to send me a recap of how the meeting rolled out and results – both numeric and team temperature- until we meet next week.

The first two days were not pretty, but on day three: progress! Day four was a little better. Day five, a little more improvement.

A week later, Jason and I had our next meeting. And we went through the numbers, the team’s mindset, and his mindset.

I told him the team needs to follow his lead and his way and share with them – “No one has (yet) earned the right to make changes.” 

If you have a team like Jason’s or you’re a solopreneur stuck in the wrong place, come to a workshop this Thursday. I will share three ideas to help you and your team move forward.  

Thanks for reading! 

Until next week,


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